Welcome Home Mrs. Nogueras


This coming Tuesday, February 21,  2017, will be the party. Below, you will find final  information needed for Tuesday.  


 If you have any questions or concerns, please  let me know.


Let's make this great, 


Danielle  Salinas 


Page Sections:

1. Party Highlights: the basics

2. Party  Plan:  What's happening Tuesday?

3. Food Contributions: donations information & form

6. Starbucks: Orders & Reminders

7. Money Collection: how much, deadline, & drop off

Party Highlights:


WHO: ROAR will be hosting the party but if you know of other students  who would like to contribute and participate, please let us know! They can fill the contact box to the right. 

WHERE: Ms. Nogueras' Classroom

WHEN: Tuesday, February 21, 2017

TIME: 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

THEME: Starbucks/Welcome Back

NOTE: It's a surprise party! She thinks it's a party for a ROAR Student.

Party Plan:


1. Party supplies, decorations, and food can be left in the Magnet Office with Mrs. Salinas. The conference room door will be unlocked for students to drop off items on Tuesday 2/21/17

2. Students will be pulled from class to set up for the party in her room.  Thank you for those of you who volunteered.

3. When Mrs. Nogueras is pulled away from her class, we will  set up the Welcome Back sign, gift, and video.




Students bring in $5 with their Starbucks money.



Food Contributions:


A party isn't a party without food! So, we are asking that each ROAR student donate a food item like we did for Thanksgiving (another great event!).

For those students who have picked their item already, you will  find it listed below. For those students who haven't gotten a chance, you will find ideas and the submission form below.


Please remember, that item is not yours until you receive a confirmation email from Danielle.


1. Sodas/Soft drinks

2. Dessert: cake, cookies, pastries

3. Pizza

4. Cups

5. Napkins




Contribution Signup:





1. Maddie: Croquetas

2. Sofia: Cookies

3. Leslie: Chips

4. Michael: Cupcakes

5. Vanessa: Pastries

6. Camila: 2 Coke sodas

7. Alanis: Plates

8. Shaylli: Coke soda

9. Gabi:  Sandwiches

10. Eloisa:  Utensils

11. Naomi: 2  Sprite sodas



Below you will find the collected Starbucks orders. If you do not see yours or did not get a chance to submit  one, please use the form on the very bottom of the web page.

Check the Starbucks website to find out how much your drink will  cost and please turn it  in by Monday, Feb 20, 2017.


Starbucks Orders: 

1. Camila -  venti mocha frappe & birthday cake pop


2. Shaylli - venti strawberry frappuchino (no whip cream)


3. Vanessa – venti hot caramel macchiato & birthday cake pop


4. Sofia – venti vanilla bean (no whip cream)


5. Madison – grande salted caramel frappe


6. Alanis - venti double chocolate chip frappucino  (no whip cream) & a vanilla cake pop


7. Nicole - tall vanilla bean Frappuccino & birthday cake pop


8. Eloisa - medium hot chocolate


9. Caitlyn - venti mocha Frappuccino

10. Vallerie - grande caramel Frappuccino

11. Naomi - TBA


12. Gaby - grande caramel Frappuccino

Money Collection:

The last day to turn in money for your Starbucks drink and the $5 for decorations is the morning of Tuesday 2/21/17 to Mrs. Salinas in the Magnet Office. 


If you do not know the exact amount of your Starbucks order, please do not worry. Danielle will keep the receipt and get exact change back.

When money is given to Ms.  Salinas, she will take your name and the amount you turned in. Danielle will use that to make sure you get back your correct change.



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